May. 29th, 2016

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General Permissions

Hugging this character: Feel free! Kanaya's not exactly the hugging type unless it's with close friends, but she'll merely be confused if some stranger does it.
Kissing this character: Feel Free! Expect her to maybe freak out about it depending on circumstances.
Flirting with this character: Very yes. She'll almost certainly respond with snark, though in some cases she might just flirt back.
Fighting with this character: Yes, and good luck. See below regarding her weapon of choice.
Injuring this character: Some injury is okay. She's ridiculously tough. Anything major requires permission.
Killing this character: With Permission
Mind controlling this character: With Permission

Additional Mayhem

Kanaya is basically a vampire.
  • Kanaya may ask your character to allow her to feed on them.
  • Kanaya may feed on your character to the point where they are physically affected (dizziness, blackouts). This may be accidental, or in extreme cases it may be purposeful.
Kanaya doesn't resort to violence lightly, but she will if she deems it necessary. Her primary weapon is a chainsaw, something that doesn't exactly lend itself to deal out little scratches.
  • Kanaya may swing a chainsaw at opponents in a fight. Feel free to have your characters dodge her weapon perfectly. I'd rather we talk and discuss if there's going to be any major damage caused.
Kanaya is a troll. She has some peculiar physiology and psychology, and on request some of this can be averted.
  • When using text communication, Kanaya will Tend To Enunciate Each Word You Speak Very Clearly And Carefully without any punctuation. If this is annoying, I can scale back the typing quirk, eliminate it entirely, or switch to voice/video communication.
  • Troll genitalia is not defined in canon, so any specifics are headcanon. I prefer to use typical human female genitals for Kanaya. However, not all troll roleplayers will use the same. Several people prefer a "bulge and nook" combo, and example of which can be seen here(NSFW). While I prefer human junk, I'm perfectly fine with just about anything. Feel free to request that I use the alien junk for a thread. when it comes to a character encountering two trolls with two players using different genitals, I would prefer it if the whole thing was hand-waved as consistent.


Available here
Kanaya is canonically only interested in people presenting as females. While I welcome male characters in trying to hit on her, she will not. Androgynous characters may have more luck.


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