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Any questions, complaints, or concerns over my characterization of Kanaya? Tell me here! I'm always willing to try and improve. Be detailed, and thanks for your concern.

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Jade HarleyRoxy LalondeZelda Hylia
DolorosaKarkat VantasEridan Ampora
Maka AlbarnNepeta LeijonDisciple
MarcelineShiro FujimotoVriska Serket
Fai D. Flourite

Don't ask me about why I set the "FLIGHTY BROADS AND THEIR SNARKY HORSESHITOMETER" where I did. Chances are I don't have any more clue than you do, and just set it where it "felt right".

Jade HarleyHomestuck

---Good Dog. Best Spacesister.---

Jade is one of Kanaya's closest friends, even though Kanaya talked to her three friends first. If anything, that just made Jade look better. After dealing with Rose and Dave's sarcastic jokes, it was really nice to talk with someone who actually says what they mean. As a fellow space player, Jade had many of the same duties in the game that Kanaya had, and their similarities go further than just a shared heroic aspect. They both were Prospit dreamers, and were both awake on their moons far before the start of their games. But while their similarities and conversations started them on the path to becoming friends, it's their time in Vatheon that really drew them together. Trolls don't have family, but the time spent here in Vatheon has started to rub off on them. Many of the other trolls here have developed social connections that map to typical human family connections, but Kanaya avoided that for a while. Jade was the first person to give Kanaya a taste of the human disease called Family.

Roxy Lalondehomestuck

---Fashion Bombshell---

Roxy is Kanaya's current girlfriend. Kan has been reluctant to push this relationship very far or very fast, and yet it has been marching steadily onward. After her matesprit, Kanaya wasn't sure she would want to get involved with anybody again... much less the ecto-child/parent of her one time crush. She had every reason to avoid getting involved with Roxy, and at first things seemed fine. They bonded over fashion, and started out as friends. Kanaya held back though, because she knew she was attracted to Roxy. A confessions curse even made her claim to be in love with the fashionable rogue, though at the time it wasn't true. After a few months of agonizing over the loss of Vriska though, Kanaya started to wonder if she was doing the right thing. One particular event gave her the final push. In a discussion with Eridan she came to realize that she might be better off taking her chances. Yes, if she let herself love again she might just lose them... but Roxy was already her friend and already at risk of being lost. She had no way of knowing how much time they might have left, and if it was possible to spend that time as something more than friends, it would be worth it. So, with a new found attitude, she blatantly asked Roxy out, receiving exactly the response she hoped for. The date went well, and was followed by more.

They've gotten closer, but things are still casual between them. Kanaya doesn't know entirely what to think about the relationship. She doesn't pity Roxy really... but she does care about her. They certainly enjoy each other's presence, and they've enjoyed their dates. Perhaps things will move along further quite soon. Kanaya recently fell into a coma for a few weeks. Who knows just how that will change her mind. (Protip: Roxy took care of her the whole time she was asleep. That's a pity goldmine, and they haven't even gotten into Roxy's history yet.)

Zelda HyliaLoZ: Ocarina of Time

---The Seventh Sage---

For any foreigner brought to Vatheon it is only a matter of time before they meet Princess Zelda. Kanaya and the Hylian Monarch became fast friends, matched in their qualities of kindness and elegance. Zelda is one of the few people from a different world that she truly trusts. She made a few outfits for Zelda, providing herself with her greatest challenge as a designer in the form of formal wear fit for someone of Zelda's station. She also took the opportunity to push Zelda's limits, making a few items of a more contemporary cut... as well as one mystery outfit that Kanaya quickly hit after discovering that Zelda was a bit hesitant about how revealing a basic sundress was.

Kanaya's existence as a Rainbow Drinker was a minor point of contention with the Princess, but good deeds soon placated Zelda's doubts. The fact that Kanaya wasn't bothered by a spell of holy light probably helped. In fact, Zelda ended up helping Kanaya quite a bit with her condition. After the Medic left the city the two of them began to work together to test the limits of her abilities, and to explore just how it changed things for her. The end result of this experimentation was a greater understanding of her hunger mechanisms... as well as a voluntary source of sustenance.

for a long while there's been a bit of romantic tension between them, though neither was able to bring themselves to acknowledge this fact. Kanaya's views of her have shifted a bit. She respects Zelda a lot, for her attitude, her bravery, and her actions.

the dolorosahomestuck

---Jade Mother---

Kanaya had been in Vatheon for several months when the Dolorosa arrived. She knew by then a few things about her ancestor, mostly because she was quite curious about her, and would badger anybody who knew her for details. She got to hear tales about how loving and kind the Dolorosa was, and that just made her more interested. When her ancestor finally arrived, Kanaya was almost to intimidated to meet her. She eventually gave in, and sent a perhaps way-to-formal request to meet he Dolorosa over tea.

the two got along quite well, and bonded nearly instantly. In the space of a single afternoon conversation Kanaya could suddenly understand the relationship that some of her friends have with their ancestors. It's hard for a troll to trust another troll, especially when one is an adult, but Kanaya feels that she can trust the Dolorosa. She's almost a complete stranger, and yet, almost closer to her than anybody. They shared their stories of their respective pasts, they've discussed their respective romantic prospects and worries, and they've revealed things to each other that they would hesitate to reveal to anybody else.

Kanaya loves the Dolorosa as a mother, though she's having a hard time putting that into words. Now that she's gotten out of her coma, she might find herself being a bit more open about the idea though.

Karkat VantasHomestuck

---Angry Best FriendLeader---

Karkat is just about Kanaya's oldest friend, and she trusts him more than almost anybody. He's her go to source for just about any sort of advice, though she's certainly willing to reciprocate. Karkat became the leader of their Sgrub session, and though they've been transported to Vatheon Kanaya doesn't see any reason why that should stop. She continues to keep her leader up to date on any relevant developments she notices while here.

Eridan Amporahomestuck

---A friendship in two parts---

Once upon a time Kanaya had a friend in a certain seadweller. It was a strange situation, as the Seadweller had plans to kill all landdwellers, though he promised that Kanaya wouldn't be included. Their shared interest in a certain Cerulean blood gave them both things to connect over and things to argue over, but they were always pretty friendly. Kanaya was instrumental in helping Eridan achieve his dreams of science wizardry... and he agreed to help her with her goal of hatching the matriorb and saving their race.

And then, moments after agreeing to help her, he revealed his intention to abandon and betray all of the trolls remaining. He assaulted Sollux, killed their friend Feferi, and then turned on Kanaya. He destroyed the matriorb, and when she attacked him in a rage he killed her too.

It didn't stick. Kanaya rose up as a Rainbow Drinker, and took her revenge. She debunk'd his science wand and cut him in half with her chainsaw. That would have been all, too, until she was brought to Vatheon. There she found Eridan alive and well.

Karkat tried to tell her that he had changed, that he was contrite... and while Kanaya wasn't about to forgive him she did hold from attacking him. And then she learned that he and Karkat were matesprits, something Karkat had conveniently neglected to mention. This fact cast doubt on what Karkat had told her, but ultimately she came to accept her friendleader's claims. She mostly avoided Eridan after that... but she could avoid seeing him on the network. He really had changed. A series of encounters between them began.

Kanaya now considers Eridan a friend. She hasn't forgotten what happened, and she can't quite forgive him... but the pain is in the past. Things have gotten just a little more awkward recently though. Eridan is Roxy's moirail. Kanaya's not quite sure what to think about that. Their friendship had been repaired enough to the point where she actually asked his permission to begin perusing a relationship with Roxy, but if he had refused, she's not entirely sure she would have backed down. They still have a ways to go, and it looks like the snarky horseshitometer might be permanently set in her favor. There is one certainty though. Should anybody dare to harm Roxy they would be facing an incredibly terrifying response of jade and purple combined.

Maka AlbarnSoul eater

---Two Star Meister---

Early on in her time in Vatheon Kanaya saw a network post by someone claiming that they could see a person's soul. As from her perspective she had only been a Rainbow Drinker for a few weeks Kanaya had been plagued by the metaphysical implications of her existence. Here, she though, she could find some sort of answer. While the answer only led to more questions, it came with a freebie: a new friend. Maka is a kind girl, and while they don't have too many overlapping interests they get along quite well.

Nepeta LeijonHomestuck

---Felid Minor---

Kanaya's estimation of Nepeta was always been a little uneven. She's sweet and kind, but Kanaya knows that those claws have seen more blood than her own chainsaw. Still, she's never felt threatened by the cat-troll. Between the events of their game and her time spent in Vatheon, Kanaya has started to feel quite comfortable with her. She knows all about Nepeta's shipping wall, so rather than try and keep her own romances a secret Kanaya has taken into the habit of revealing her love life to Nepeta whenever the situation changes. While she doesn't quite understand the feline obsession Kanaya certainly doesn't mind it, and she always enjoys spending time with her. After what happened on the meteor Kanaya feels a need to protect Nepeta to a degree only tempered by her knowledge that the olive blood is quite capable in her own right. After meeting the Disciple she's became less worried for Nepeta and more worried for who would have to clean up the mess should anybody attack her.


---Felid Major---

Until the Dolorosa arrived, the Disciple was Kanaya's closest friend among the ancestor trolls. It has not always been an easy friendship, but it has been rewarding all the same. The Disciple's early days in Vatheon were quite strange, as her mind struggled to come out from the feral haze inflicted on it. Kanaya was happy to help as best she could. Kanaya found out by accident that the Disciple could be calmed to a point of incapacity by drinking her blood. It was unfortunate that at the time the blood had been filled with sopor from a spiked cupcake, but it still served as a good lesson. She had an opportunity to put it to use a few months later, when the Disciple started to have trouble with Orphaner Dualscar. the seadweller had been purposefully antagonizing the olive blood, and as she felt herself slipping back into her feral instincts she sent a network message to Kanaya begging for help. Kanaya arrived to late to stop the Disciple from entering a blind animalistic rage, but she managed to bite and drink from her. This calmed the Disciple's anger, but did nothing to make her feel better about what had happened. They entered into a pact then, that should the Disciple fall from grace again, Kanaya would do her best to help her, and should Kanaya ever do the same from her hunger, then Disciple would return the favor.

As far as Kanaya is concerned, the deal is still in place. She knows though, that she won't have much opportunity to assist the Disciple again, unless her moirail Darkleer is unavailable the next time a crisis hits. Kanaya is fine with that, after all it's good that Disciple has someone close who's willing to help, and the more support she has the better she'll be. Kanaya happily gets to see the Disciple more often these days, now that the Dolorosa and the Disciple are living together.


---That one creepy uncle who seems pretty cool when you're a kid but in retrospect...---

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---That other creepy unlce that even as a kid you know you probably shouldn't be alone in a room with---

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Shiro Fujimotoao no exorcist

---the awesome uncle who's just nice---

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MarcelineAdventure Time

---The Vampire Queen---
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Fai D. FlouriteTSUBASA

---fellow bloodsucker---

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*Coming soon*

I'll get around to describing her hive soon enough. I think. We'll see.


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