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Kanaya Maryam is a Rainbow Drinker (pretty much a vampire) and may have a desire to drink blood at times. In most instances she will ask permission before doing so. There may be some extreme circumstances where she might not ask permission.

- Is it alright if my character asks to be allowed to drink from yours?

- Is it alright if my character attempts to drink from yours forcfully (not enough to injure/debilitate)?

- Is it alright if my character attempts to drink from yours forcfully (causing injury or unconsciousness)?

I don't really think I'd ever want her to drain someone to death, but if you for some reason think that's the way you want your character to go I could be up for that too. But really I'm not going to do so otherwise, ever. Likewise, Kanaya wields a chainsaw but I would not be looking to ever cause character death with it. I'm fine if you all want to just dodge it entirely, characters that can take a 'glancing blow' from a chainsaw would be rather rare.

- If your character ever has a reason to fight mine, she uses a chainsaw. Is this ok with you? like I said, I'm fine with people dodging the weapon constantly.

A quick note regarding all this, and her personality / character advancement after several months in game: Kanaya can be petty, she can be mean, but she's not the type to attack without severe provocation. If you area threat to her or the people she cares about, she won't hesitate to deal with you, but most of the time she is friendly and easygoing. She's also gotten control of the vampire hunger thing for the most part, with a system of consenting donors on a strict schedule. I've been playing in Vatheon since march of 2012, and she has never totally lost control from hunger, and has never lifted her chainsaw in anger against a player character. (NPC zombie fish monsters, on the other hand...) So... yeah. most of this stuff isn't a worry. If she wants to drink from you, she's most likely going to ask, or it'll be under some rather desperate and unlikely conditions.

Please reply here with your responses and any questions about Kanaya's abilities, as a Rainbow Drinker or otherwise. Thanks.
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