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Name: Rav-T
Preferred Contact: General purpose contact at plurk: [ profile] hiddenKrypt
Immediate / high priority contact on steam or discord: Steam Profile, Discord:Rav-T#0266

Timezone: PST[UTC-8]
Current Characters in Victory Road: None.

Name: Kanaya Maryam
Series: Homestuck
Timeline: End of Homestuck Snapchat Epilogue

Canon Resource Links: MSPA Wiki

Personality: Give us at minimum 2-3 full paragraphs of how you understand your character's personality. Talk about basic characteristics, any major developments over the course of their canon, their motives, their social behavior, strengths and weaknesses, and anything else you can think of that shows off your knowledge of this character.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: What career path will your character be taking? Breeder, Trainer? Or maybe even down the dark path of becoming a member of Team Rocket? Note: All Rocket members start as grunts. (For right now, only those three positions are available, whether your character chooses to follow their assigned path or not.)
Starter: What starter Pokémon do you want your character to have? Please use the list linked above to choose from. Certain Pokémon have an orange star next to their names; if you choose one of these starters (Deino, Zorua, Litwick, Pikachu, Scyther, Dratini, Bagon, Gible, Axew, Ralts, Riolu, Beldum, Larvitar, Eevee, or Beldum) you must provide reasoning. You do not need to explain your reasoning for Pokémon other than those listed above.
Password: This is where you'll put the passwords from the Rules and the F.A.Q. There are two words, to assure you've read both.

RP Sample: The sample must be a post, log, or thread you have made with this character in the last four months at the canon point you have chosen for said character. It does not have to be set in Victory Road's setting, but it does require at least ten comments in total from you if it is a post or a thread, and five comments in total from you if it is a log. What we are looking for here is grasp of your character's voice and a sense of how you operate as a role-player. This sample can be in any format (e.g. network post, prose log, actionspam, Dear Mun post, and so on). You can use a Victory Road test drive thread for this sample, but you cannot use the same thread for the second sample below.

Victory Road Sample: This sample must take place in Victory Road's setting. The minimum is 300 words for a prose sample, eight sentences for a network post/actionspam sample, or ten comments total (five from you) in an RP sample. What we are looking for here is how the character responds to the Pokéworld's setting. You can also use a Victory Road test drive thread for this sample, but you cannot use the same thread for the first sample above.
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