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Character name: Kanaya Maryam
Character journal: sylphauxiliatrix
Series name: Homestuck
Canon notes: Canon Point of immediately post Cascade[S] pre-Retjohn

Species: Troll, Rainbow Drinker.
Troll (wiki link)
Trolls are humanoid life forms that, despite their mammalian appearance, actually are technically insectoid in nature. Their larval form are called grubs. after pupating, their imago form appears similar to a human. Trolls have grey skin, candy corn colored horns, sharp teeth, yellow sclera, and black lips. Trolls, barring occasional mutations, have one of twelve blood types, each of a specific color and each dictating various biological features of the individual, including average body temperature and life span. Socially, these blood types are stratified into castes. Kanaya's Jade Green blood places her in the middle of this caste system. Jade bloods are typically expected to act as caretakers for creatures involved in their species rather elaborate reproductive cycle. Trolls, especially those higher on the caste system, seem to be more physically capable than the average human. Kanaya has displayed great grace, endurance, and strength, all at levels that would be impressive for a typical human. Some members of the upper castes have displayed physical properties beyond even the greatest earthling in terms of strength and endurance. Trolls are naturally nocturnal, and quite susceptible to harm from the radiation of their system's star. This seems to be because their planet receives more energy from its star than earth does, as troll are seen in canon on earth in sunlight. Kanaya, possibly as something typical for her blood caste, enjoys the sun and tends to live a diurnal lifestyle.
Trolls have a reproductive cycle (I swear this is all relevant) that includes a creature known as a "mother grub". While mother grubs serve a role similar to the queen in an ant or bee colony, they do not seem to be the same species as the one whose eggs they lay. Troll genetic fluids are collected by drones and delivered to the Mother Grub, which combines these fluids and gestates the eggs, laying them like typical social insects. Eggs hatch into larvae known as grubs or 'wigglers'. Grubs have a very high attrition rate, and are likely hatched in large numbers to compensate. Those that survive long enough will find a nice stalactite somewhere, spin a chrysalis, and eventually pupate into the imago form, looking something like a human child. These children must survive extremely dangerous caves possibly filled with traps. Those that prove themselves in these trials will be adopted by huge monsters known as lusae, singular lusus. Trolls with a lusus then build themselves a house, and grow in a manner similar to humans. Biologically speaking they reach their adult form when they pupate, but socially it may be several years before they become adults. Adult trolls are banned from living on their planet of origin, and in all cases must serve their empire in some capacity as they expand through and conquer the galaxy.

Rainbow Drinker
Kanaya is not a normal Troll (a phrase comes up so often when discussing her as to be thematically core to her character). She is a Rainbow Drinker, which is basically a form of vampire. Details on this condition are sketchy at best, and have to be inferred from hints in the canon, a well as typical vampire lore from other stories. Rainbow Drinkers are a combination of vampire tropes, some played straight, some inverted. For instance, as Trolls are nocturnal, Rainbow Drinkers are sometimes called 'daywalkers'. In troll culture they're almost the same as vampire are in human culture: Mythological creatures that have several stories about them, with a more recent trend to romanticized idealism. Kanaya, before her own transformation at least, was a fan of trashy vampire Rainbow Drinker romance novels. The trope of a vampire/RD coming in to some poor girl's bedroom in the middle of the night/day to 'ravish' her seems to be a commonality in human and troll cultures.
Rainbow Drinker facts are scattered in the canon, but here's what we know for certain. Drinkers can and do drink the blood of other living things, including dead bodies (if there's enough blood left). This is suggested in canon to be mandatory, or at least a burden. Living trolls have been fed on with no obvious ill effect, so it is not a condition that can be passed by "infection" as in some vampire myths. in fact, her 'victims' were already unconscious at the time, and woke up later with nothing to show for the experience besides a pair of bandages over their bite marks. A Rainbow Drinker is capable of surviving, moving, and even fighting with a giant hole where their spine used to be. the Daywalker's skin glows white, bright enough to illuminate a lightless hallway and cast shadows. This illumination can be toggled at will, once a Rainbow Drinker learns the trick to it. They are capable of extreme supernatural speed.
These few facts leave a lot of unanswered questions, and unfortunately, this is all we have. The rest is left to headcanon and conjecture. I will go into specifics as I see them applying to Kanaya in the 'Abilities' section of this App.

History:(wiki link)
Once again, Kanaya is not an average troll, and the differences start right away with her birth. She, and her friends, were created through paradox cloning, a timey-wimey process in which a thing manages to be responsible for its own existence. They were cloned as fresh grubs, which were then loaded into meteors that were launched back in time to strike their home planet. Kanaya's deviation from the norm continued, as after arriving on Alternia she was adopted not by some lusus creature, but by a Virgin Mother Grub, a situation said to be completely unprecedented.


Augment Skillset:

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