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Normally I would do this sort of a thing as a big list of "is it okay if I do thing". I've decided that, as I'm not really interested in ever doing these things unless another player wanted to, instead of an 'opt out', this is more of an 'opt in'.
I will not bring up the scenarios here (bold) in threads unless you post here and opt in, or if I contact you ooc and get permission specifically.

Kanaya is a sorta vampire. She needs to drink blood to survive, and she gets a bit weird if she doesn't drink often. There's a whole thing over here about it if you want more specifics.
Kanaya may ask your character to allow her to feed on them.
Kanaya may, in the unlikely case she doesn't feed enough, attempt to feed on your character without asking for consent.
Kanaya may feed on your character to the point where they are physically affected (woozyness, blackouts)

Kanaya doesn't resort to violence lightly, but she will if she deems it necessary. Her primary weapon is a chainsaw, something that doesn't exactly lend itself to deal out little scratches.
Kanaya may swing a chainsaw at opponents in a fight. Feel free to have your characters dodge her weapon perfectly. I'd rather we talk and discuss if there's going to be any major damage caused.
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