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Your name is KANAYA MARYAM.

You used to indulge in your bright fascination with the grim through literature. Just before the sun goes down and you joined your flora in rest, you used to immerse yourself in tales of RAINBOW DRINKERS and SHADOW DROPPERS and FORBIDDEN PASSION. Then you died, and rose up as one of the undead, cursed with a POWERFUL THIRST that has thus far proven to be more of an annoyance than a TRAGIC MOTIVATION fitting your TRASHY VAMPIRE NOVELS.

You are one of the few of your kind with JADE GREEN BLOOD, and one of the few whose affection for the aesthetic strongly overpowers instinctive regard for the utilitarian. As such, you are one of the few of your kind who has developed a zeal for FASHION and DESIGN and LIVELY COLORFUL PATTERNS. You decorate your hive with FLORA and FABRIC, as delicately or aggressively as inspiration demands. You are a SEAMSTRESS or a RAGRIPPER or a TREETRIMMER or a LUMBERJACK, whichever you care to be.

Your trolltag is grimAuxiliatrix and you Tend To Enunciate Each Word You Speak Very Clearly And Carefully

What will you do?

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