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This store has a large sign over it, written in a specific shade of green that may be quite familiar to those that know the store's owner.

Kanaya Maryams Storefront For
Commissioned Ragripping And Seamstressing 
With Display Space For Artistic Clothing Creations

Boy, this place keeps odd hours! A small sign on the glass door says this business opens an hour after sundown on the surface, and closes an hour before dawn. Beneath that another sign reads "Sorry But The Proprietor Of This Establishment Is Not Currently Present" during the day, but when she opens up the sign is flipped over to it's much simpler "Welcome" side. Sometimes the store is open outside of it's normal hours, especially on days where the weather up on the island is not so nice, or whenever Kanaya feels like getting some extra work done.

The front face of the building includes a large picture window which holds a few dress forms, backed by a thick curtain of velvet. Hanging off this window is a planter box filled with a variety of colorful flowers. Inside, more dress forms and mannequins stand, clothed in many different styles from the ultra-modern to historical period wear, to casual clothing and traditional outfits of many different cultures, fleshed out with a little of everything in between. The specific outfits on display change frequently, sometimes as often as every day, and the styles shift as their creator experiments and discovers different ideas. Men's and women's fashions are available, though usually there are more dresses than anything else.

None of these outfits have a price tag, as the clothing here is either made on commission or actually a part of the proprietor's own wardrobe. A small sign on the back wall indicates that this business is for clothing repairs, tailoring, and custom commission work, though you are welcome to make an offer on something if you like it.

A small counter stands next to a door leading to the back of the shop. The counter has a few fashion magazines and portfolios, material chosen to provide prospective clients with inspiration. A pair of stools are available as well, should one like to sit while perusing the books, or discussing designs with the owner.

A colorful curtain covers the doorway into the work room in back. This area used to be a chaotic mess of materials, but after the flooding damage things are decidedly under control. A few sparsely populated racks are available for half finished projects. Nearby are several closets and bins. Kanaya learned from her earlier mistake of leaving a lot of her materials around, and has invested heavily in organization.

In the far corner from the entryway is where most of the real work gets done. There's a collection of different sewing machines there, though some are sadly out of action. These devices can be finicky machines when they haven't been doused with salt water. Luckily Kanaya had a spare machine on the island in her hive, though she sorely feels the loss of her serger.

The final corner has a three angle mirror and a stepping block, perfect for test fittings. A nearby partition is available for changing, should a client prefer a bit of privacy.

A single bell chimes when the front door is opened, summoning the proud owner of this workshop and boutique from her work.


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